Perticaia Tasting N2 3b
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1 bottiglia Trebbiano Spoletino doc - see details1 bottiglia Montefalco Rosso Riserva doc - see deta..

Rosolio del Fraticello

Rosolio del FraticelloThe rosolio is a liqueur derived from the petal of the rose, often used as a b..

Rosolio Francescano

As St. Francis in the forest so scratched and bloody, appeared around him one great light; and the w..

Soup with legumes biological bag G 50

Soup with legumes biological ValcannettaThe farm holidays “Valcannetta” comes from an idea by Giacom..

White Truffle Sauce g 90

WHITE TRUFFLE SAUCE TUBER MAGNATUM PICO 10%MAIN INGREDIENTS:White truffles 10%: white truffle (Tuber..

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