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It represents a new way of interpreting the Sagrantino grape, cultivated and vinified in such a way as to obtain as from young and enjoyable, fresher and very drinkable wine. GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Sagrantino


Rappresenta un nuovo modo di interpretare l’uva Sagrantino, coltivata e vinificata in maniera tale da ottenere un vino godibile sin da giovane, più fresco e di facile beva.

Varietà: Sagrantino 100%

Our single varietal grappa is distilled exclusively from the soft marc obtained after the vinification of Sagrantino grapes from the estate’s vineyards. Distillery: Gioacchino Nannoni distillery, Fattoria di Litiano, Paganico in Tuscany.

Method: Copper still, discontinuous cycle. The fact that the still is immersed in hot water or steam ensures that the marc is heated slowly and in a uniform manner. The distillate has time to concentrate the alcohol and bouquet and the resulting grappa is softer and has a more complex nose.

Tasting notes: Crystal clear in colour, it retains the aromatic and fruity bouquet of its grapes. Dry, smooth and delicate in flavour.

Serving Temperature: 9-13°C.

In 1975, Tuscan “farm” grappa made its first appearance in the Nannoni distillery; as was the case already for oil-mills and oil, each producer received, with the appropriate certification, the grappa distilled only with his own fresh pomace. As our distillery is but a short distance from the famous Montalcino, we can proudy lay claim to the birthright of the very first selectively distilled Grappa di Brunello.

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Technical Specifications
product Grappa
region Umbria
alcohol 42% vol.
volume cl 50

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