Liquor d'Ulivi
22,25€ 18,90€

Digestive liqueur, sweet, balsamic-tasted, mostly obtained from the olive-tree infused with alcohol ..

Mandarin liqueur

Fine, Lively, Versatile.The freshness of citrus fruit, a moderate alcohol content and delicate taste..

Melon cream 17° cl 50
Nocino del Fraticello

Nocino del FraticelloThe liquor nocino is present in several countries of Europe obtained from walnu..

Nocino Francescano

Harmonious and soft liqueur, with an intense fragrance and a unique taste, it is obtained from an in..

Quintessentia Amaro Nonino

Quintessentia Amaro Nonino700ml BOTTLE 35% Vol.Extraordinary fragrance of mountain herbs ennobled by..

Rosolio del Fraticello

Rosolio del FraticelloThe rosolio is a liqueur derived from the petal of the rose, often used as a b..

Rosolio Francescano

As St. Francis in the forest so scratched and bloody, appeared around him one great light; and the w..

Rum Don Papa

Don Papa Rum is a premium aged, limited production, from the island of Negros Occidental, Philippi..

Sangue Morlacco

Cherry "Sangue Morlacco"Luxardo's second speciality after Maraschino Originale produced since 1821.I..

Trio Collection
185,50€ 167,00€

Hand made bottleThe bottles contains: rosolio, lagrein grappa, cabernet grappa..

Varnelli Dry anise

Love at the first taste...First awarded in 1950 as “the best italian dry anise”, Varnelli is a uniqu..

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