Grappa di Sagrantino
35,00€ 28,00€

Classification: Grappa di Sagrantino Variety: 100% Sagrantino Alcool: 45% Serving temp and pairi..

Grappa al Tartufo nero di Norcia

The Norcina Grappa is made by distilling fresh pomace in a very traditional way, this enhances the q..

Grappa Barricata
27,00€ 23,00€

Characteristics and the production process: the combination of Cabernet and Merlot pomace gives rise..

Grappa del Fraticello

Grappa del FraticelloThe main feature is a nice freshness to the fragrance and taste. It is harmonic..

Grappa di Sagrantino cl 50
23,30€ 19,80€

It represents a new way of interpreting the Sagrantino grape, cultivated and vinified in such a way ..

Grappa di Sagrantino Riserva cl 50
29,32€ 23,44€

SAGRANTINO GRAPPA RISERVAMade by ageing the grappa for two years in 500 L oak barrels.Colour: rich g..

Grappa Q Quaranta Barricata
39,40€ 33,50€

This unique grape distillate barricaded matches very well freshness and complexity. The young and in..

Grappa Q Quarantatre Barricata
41,20€ 35,00€

Q Quarantatreobtained by the perfect blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Prosecco...

Grappa Riserva La Francescana

Spirit obtained by Barbera, Grignolino, Dolcetto and Freisa grapes, distilled in copper stills and a..

Trio Collection
185,50€ 167,00€

Hand made bottleThe bottles contains: rosolio, lagrein grappa, cabernet grappa..

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