• Moncucco Moscato d'Asti DOCG

Moncucco Moscato d'Asti DOCG


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Amounts of sulfites at least 40% of the amount allowed by law

Sweet and fragrant, the real Moscato d'Asti to marry to desserts
It is born
A Moncucco, the most beautiful hill of Santo Stefano, Astigiano
For about six months in stainless steel, to maintain the freshness and fragrance of ripe dell'acino
Be free
with an explosion of aromas and a few degrees

Alcohol content 5.5% vol The production area of ​​the Municipality of S. Stefano Belbo Grapes Moscato Bianco Description vineyard Vineyards characterized by steep slopes, land of the typical white color of the original sedimentary soils, calcareous marl-rich and with a highly alkaline pH. The fight against weeds is only managed by mowing and tilling soil and pruning Bred Guyot, with a density of 5,500 plants / ha. Fertilization is only treated with the organic matrix products Comment Gradevolissimo in between meals, is the ideal companion of many types of desserts, also elaborated

What is FREE WINE. The Free Wine Association groups together 12 wine producers committed to each other, the one towards the other, to apply a model of sustainable agriculture that is both economically advantageous time, environmentally friendly and socially just. The Free Wine agriculture breaks down the divisions between the different cultivation models and represents a new, more responsive to the needs of producers and consumers. A "dynamic model" that is enriched continuously for new arguments, which promotes research and is constantly improving, although they had firmly its goals of environmental protection, consumer protection and manufacturer satisfaction. All member companies adopt cultivation choices that favor those natural processes to preserve the "environmental resources", avoiding the use of harmful practices for soil and minimizing the use of chemicals.

Technical Specifications
vintage 2016

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