• Nocino del Fraticello

Nocino del Fraticello


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Nocino del Fraticello

The liquor nocino is present in several countries of Europe obtained from walnut hulls, by immersion in alcohol.
In Italy is especially popular in the Emilia-Romagna region and especially in the area of Modena.
20-25 nuts are usually chosen from the nuts collected in early summer, while they are still soft enough to be able to be cut, washed under running water and cut into pie slices. They are placed in a nonmetallic container, while in a large glass container, then left to marinate covered in alcohol. After marination, the tea is filtered and bottled for aging. This usually lasts a couple of months, but may take even years. The final liquor usually has an alcohol content above 30 degrees and a very dark greenish brown color.

Technical Specifications
product walnut liqueur
region Umbria
alcohol 30% vol
volume cl 70

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