Credit Card Payments

Your credit card information will be entered directly to our bank secure system. The bank will charge your credit card for the order's amount. Your credit card information will be elaborated by our bank only and no one else will have access to them. You will receive a message from the bank once your card has been accepted. 

Money Transfer

Order can also be paid by means of money transfer. The banking information to be used for the money transfer will be notified soon after the order confirmation.


With every order, registered clients earn points to be used as a credit in their next orders. Points are calculated according to the price of every product and are always visible in their respective detail forms.
For each € 1.00 of the price of every product is being earned one point and in the computation cents are not considered. (For examples, a product whose price is € 8.65 is equal to 8 points). In some periods of the year, in occasion of particular offers, the quantity of points earned for each € 1.00 can be greater. Moreover some products can make earn extra points besides the ones derived from their price. Extra points are shown next to the price points with the "+" sign. (For example, Points 10+15)
Points are earned by the client after Enoteca Lombardi has accepted the order. The total of points earned is shown in the registered client's profile page. Each point earned with the previous orders is equal to a discount of 2 ¢ of Euro off from the cart total.
To become a registered client of Enoteca Lombardi, please fill in the form at the 
Registration page.