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It was born in 2018 in Gubbio in Umbria from the idea of creating a distillery as only in the past were born, a place where you can create a line of products with an ancient flavor and traditions. The founders' intuition starts from the rediscovery of the recipe of Aquamirabilis, an ancient ...go on
renaissance medicine based on juniper, ancestor of modern gin.


Anonima Distillazioni makes the quality of raw materials a strong point. The juniper used for our gins and infusions comes from the Umbrian-Tuscan Apennines, an uncontaminated territory that guarantees the juniper communis the best possible environment for the development and ripening of the berries.


Each processing of Anonima Distillazioni is carried out in the name of craftsmanship. Processing in small batches allows us to follow each stage of distillation and production in the most accurate way. From the choice of raw materials to the labeling, every detail is literally handmade, thus adding to our products the taste of time dedicated to a job done with passion and enthusiasm. The large discontinuous direct fire alembic still of 200 liters carter head, made by Frilli on specific request, is the center of a unique and fascinating place.

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