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Casa Borgogno, with its own cellars carved into the live tuff of the hill, is found right in the historical centre of the town of Barolo. The strong point of Borgogno lies in its unconditional respect of tradition, which recalls wines of days gone by and are actually produced with traditional and natural wine making methods, and therefore: no selected yeasts used, no enzymes used, no mannoprotein .....

The fermentation practices have remained the same for many decades with long fermentation, pressing and hand-pumping. Over the years the techni ques have been refined which affords lively, true and clean wines, different each year in that they adhere to the characteristics of the year but always have an unmistakable Borgogno seal, due to the long ageing in the large barrels in Slavonian oak. An age-old habit created by Cesare Borgogno in 1920 is to set aside around 20,000 bottles of great Barolo vintages, for ageing that lasts a minimum of ten years. The result is an extraordinary full-body and equilibrium featuring various and prized notes. The old equipment stands in one corner of the cellar as testament to the history of Borgogno.

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