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Located in Corte Franca, a few kms from Iseo Lake, our wine company is reaching over an area of 30 hectares, embracing entirely the important wine area of Franciacorta D.O.C.G. In the 90’s the Bosio family, that has ancient Franciacorta roots, decide to undertake an exciting adventure into the wine world and conciliate the passion for the land with the
wish of innovation. The Bosio farm’s primary goal is the production of quality wines and the great respect of the environment. The vineyards that are, at present, producing, occupy a terrain of 20 hectares and their position on the hills offers a variable weather exposure. The interpretation of these factors (land, exposure, weather) is important on the choice of different vineyards and permits to obtain diversified and qualified production. The wine company cultivates important vineyards for the production of Franciacorta D.O.C.G. and the white wines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero; Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Barbera for the production of red wines. In order to obtain a high quality product, the Bosio’s Company is dedicating a strong attention to specific agricultural techniques, implementing trellis lines with high thickness, equal to 6.300 plants/hectares and with a low production for stump; these are essential compromises in order to produce high quality grapes, therefore an excellent wine. Franciacorta is a hilly area that embraces 19 communes in the Brescia province and occupies 230 square kms: from the river Oglio in the west, to the hills of the river Mella in the east, from the Iseo Lake and the last part of the Alpi Retiche in the north, to the lower hills campaign in the south.  The characteristics of these lands of morainic origins and the favourable weather, where the cold winds from Vallecamonica are cooled down by the Iseo Lake, make the Franciacorta lands particularly suited to the wine cultivation and bring these wines to the highest levels of the Italian oenology.

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