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The territory in which the vineyards of Cantina La-Vis branch out, is characterised by a complex three-dimensionality, full of bumps, hollow and steep slopes. The winery carries
in its name and logo its connection with the territory and its ancient wine tradition.
Cantina di La-Vis and Valle di Cembra is firmly committed to safeguarding the environment and the territory in which it operates. The wines of the cellar of La-Vis and Valle di Cembra represent a wine-growing tradition that binds nature to the technique, in a unique mountain context.
The production philosophy is guaranteed by the adherence to the Protocol for the integrated production system of the province of Trento, which foresees a production system that uses all methods and means of production and defence to minimize the use of substances Chemical synthesis and rationalise fertilisation, respecting the principles of environmental and economic safeguard.
Today we also add the guarantee of the SQNPI brand that contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and to the beauty of a land that has been planted with vines for centuries.

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