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Our  History

The Production

Carpineto wines are grounded in tradition that influence everything from the sustainable efforts which go into how wine grapes are cultivated to how wine cellars are maintained to follow the natural phenomenon of grape transformation. Carpineto wines are the fruit of an age-old connection to the land that bears its grapes and gives them the unique qualities that vary from wine to wine. Any .....
wine which fully express the aromas and characteristics of its land and soil, are sure to develop vibrant and fragrant qualities with years of aging.

Carpineto wines are the result of advanced scientific and enological processes and techniques which respect the territorial integrity of the land.

Over 95% of the Carpineto production is of red wines, the majorityof which are wines which age 3+ years before reaching the market for sale, with current figures at over 3 million bottles of wine being sold yearly.

Our  History

In 1967, Giovanni Carlo Sacchet and Antonio Mario Zaccheo set out to revolutionize wine and produce a Chianti Classico so presitigious that it would gain international renown.

These two wine fanatics saw an enormous potential that was not being used in Tuscan soil. They understood that applying cutting-edge technology and pushing the standard of quality even further, would create the ultimate of wines. And they did just that.

Giovanni and Antonio made the Carpineto wine brand into an international success, which is currentlyexported to over 70 countries worldwide.

The intensity, integrity and consistency of their wine has earned them a solid reputation among consumers and critics alike. Carpineto wines, especially the aged reds, have received numerous awards and accolades.

Innovators by tradition, Giovanni Carlo Sacchet and Antonio Mario Zaccheo continue to experiment with some of their classics with a strong focus on traditional Tuscan values. Carpineto has proven itself a leader in both prestigious wines such as Tuscan DOCG and innovative structured varietal wines.

The  Founders


Giovanni Carlo Sacchet served as enologist of the land he was so very passionate for – Tuscany. Originally from the mountainous province of Belluno, Giovanni Carlo Sacchet attended the oenology school in Conegliano, shortly afterwards moving to Tuscany to contribute to one of the finest wineries in the world with the Carpineto family. He and Antonio Mario Zaccheo shared the same passions and goals, and with these shared values together they formed the prestigious brand of CARPINETO.

Sacchet, along with his collaborators, coordinated all the business operations from the selection of wines all the way to the wine labels and packaging, putting careful attention into every last detail of the business. He leaves behind a daughter, Caterina who carries on the family tradition with the same passion and tradition as her father.


Born to a family of winemakers, his experience began at the family farm first in Puglia then in Lazio, near Rome. Since his youth, he was involved in all aspects of grape growing and winemaking, as well as sales, never having any doubt that he was going to remain a winemaker. After graduating from high school he was convinced that the Chianti Classico region was the place for realizing his dreams. It was destiny that he should meet Giovanni Carlo Sacchet, with whom he shares a love for Tuscany as well as the same passion and objectives. Together they embarked on a great Tuscan adventure called ‘Carpineto’, which today is a quality leader known worldwide.

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