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The Cinaglia family managed to find the right balance between tradition (cultivars strictly belonging to the Umbrian oil story) and state of the art technology, with one of the most important
milling plants for innovative and qualitative level.


Among the olive tree and Umbria millennial exists an indissoluble link made by human beings, territories and cultivars. We spend a great passion for our olive groves adopting organic methods, with the utmost respect for the environment and for the consumer. The organoleptic characteristics of our oil and nutraceutical are guaranteed and certified by the work of an experienced and professional team.

Our mill last generation allows us to operate in cold, by extracting large oils with limited use of water out of respect for water and environmental resources. We expect two processing lines, a 2-phase and a 3 phases in order to adopt the best extractive solution in function between the characteristics of the olives collected.

With numerous technological devices, the entire processing cycle is strictly monitored so as to ensure a very high quality extra virgin olive oil. The storage and bottling are carried out in a temperature controlled environment and with the aid of inert gas in order to safeguard the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the product.

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