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In the panorama of Italian viticulture, Cantina Giacomo Montresor, considered one of the most ancient, encompassing over one hundred years of rich history, is a reference point for the Valpolicella wine tradition. Respecting its historical roots – four generations worth – means love of terroir and constant innovation.

From generation to generation, the Montresors never stopped their dialogue .....
with the territory with only one aim: to develop their heritage of hundred years of experience and at the same time being at forefront experimenting new technologies. Always with respect for tradition.

In the cellars we continue the work of valorisation undertaken in the vineyards, with the purpose to operate as little as possibile without interfering with the natural process in the growing and without diverting the territorial integrity: in this phase of transformation, there is the synthesis of what our wine will be.

The territory and climate have permitted this special growth of native vines from which we make our most valuable wines. The continuous evolution of technology helped us to improve our “know-how” in order to get more precise and accurate operations of the “vineyard system”. And with the aid of the satellite ICONOS and thanks to its maps indicating the most vigourous areas, we can have the exact view of the vegetative and productive condition of each single vineyard

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