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Two Visionaries

"We looked at abandoned land, and we dreamed of it on a farm. We have seen ancient orchards devoured by the bush. Frightened olive trees hidden among the bushes. Old rows of vines that had lost their pride. We asked ourselves: can the Umbrian hill be reborn, and be competitive? All we had
to do was try. "

Vincenzo Fortunati & Pamela M. Cook

A new reality

"Climate change is no longer a hypothesis. I'm already here on our campaigns. We are not afraid of it; we observe them, we measure them and listening to the plants we help our crops to face them without panic. "

"45 hectares on a beautiful area. 6 of vineyard; 2 of truffle grounds, then there are 900 olive trees and the rest is wood or arable land. This is our dimension. And the incessant search for quality without compromise and sustainable for the environment is the fire that animates us. "

"At ECOSEARCH, agricultural research and environmental protection are our work. Poggio Maiolo was born to serve all this. And Poggio Maiolo must have been its mirror. And we did this. "

"Tradition? Territory vocation? Here, there simply were not. We had the sublime freedom to select vines based on objective soil and climate analyzes. "

Mame, clays everywhere. What wine could come out of these lands? Absolutely the best. Just listen to what the vine asks; she tells us what she needs. But you need to know how to listen, and with the right tools "

"Of course I can use the machines everywhere. But if there is only the doubt that the vine suffers, then there is the need to roll up one's sleeves "

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