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The grapes grown on the estate are harvested by hand and arrive in the winery in small, six hundredweight trucks, within about ten or fifteen minutes after cutting, in order to be processed immediately.

Harvesting of the white grapes, Chardonnay, Inzolia, Catarratto and Grillo, starts at around six o'clock in the morning so as to reach a temperature of around 17°C. The grapes are grown at a height varying
between 220 and 400 meters above sea level and, under normal conditions, are subject to a temperature variation of 10-15°C, between day and night.

The white grapes are then stripped, using a rotating eccentric screw pump, and drop into a heat exchanger, which further lowers the temperature by 10-15°C, and finally arrive in a pneumatic press.

The must is immediately cooled, thereby causing spontaneous decanting, and about two days later the clear part is poured into concrete vats, where controlled fermentation takes place. The red grapes are also processed immediately: they are stripped and then, using the same pump, placed in fermentation vats for maceration. The duration of maceration on the skins varies, depending on whether the grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, After a period of maceration on the skins, the grapes are placed in the Vaslin press and the liquid is separated by successive pressing; it is then transferred to concrete vats where malolactic fermentation occurs; at this stage, a portion of the product is stored in small, 225-litre oak barrels in the aging cellar, and another part is refined directly in concrete vats.

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