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Terre de’ Trinci has been one of the most influential wineries in the renaissance of Umbrian winemaking.

The winery, which has profound links with this area since 1992, has found its best possible expression and investment in the Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG.

Alongside Sagrantino the estate has developed other modern-style wines to >>>>
demonstrate us continuing evolution and desire to combine tradition and innovation.

Taking on the Trinci name – one of the most illustrious families in local history – is an indication of the desire to contribute to the positive growth and evolution of the area in which the winery is situated.

Lords of Foligno in the XIV and XV centuries, the Trinci family guided the area through a particularly magnificent period.

Bearing in mind the lessons to be learned from history, the winery has chosen to invest in the production of native local Sagrantino grapes in order to raise awareness and promote a wine inextricably entwined with its terroir, the source of its origins and originality.

However the vineyards are the winery’s real wealth. They are managed with the invaluable consultancy of an agronomist working closely and scrupulously with the winemaker to obtain grapes of outstanding quality, the only true basis of a wine destined for greatness.

The decision to invest extensively in modern vinification equipment and the purchase of a sound stock of barrels, barriques and tonneaux, reflects the desire to use adequate tools to achieve specific objectives.

Last but not least, the desire to discover and follow new paths is behind the winery’s reluctance to be satisfied with its progress so far, and this is reflected in the ongoing search for an even better blend of tradition and innovation which will continue the winery evolution. This is why the estate also grows grape varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, used either as monovarietal wines or blended with traditional varieties like Sagrantino and Grechetto.


Lovingly tended by careful, seasonal work, the vineyards are Terre de' Trinci’s real treasure, allowing it to obtain high-quality grapes. This is the essential prerequisite for making unique, authentic wines – the direct expression of the magnificent land from which they are born. The company has also chosen to invest in modern winemaking equipment, and has obtained barrique and tonneau barrels for aging. From the vineyard to the wine cellar, everything is geared towards achieving the best possible result, whether for the traditional varieties or for the more recently-planted ones: Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot especially.

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