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The vinification follows natural processes, preferring indigenous yeasts present in <br/> the grapes themselves, in order to confer to the wine a precise territorial identity. This allows you to produce every year
A natural wine, with a strong personality, taste and intense scents that follow the real trend of vintages, expressing the particularities.
Our philosophy is based on the purity of the product. To be a farmer today and to teach it to my children also means not only to work with commitment and satisfaction on their own land but also to enrich and keep alive that heritage that my parents, my grandparents and previous generations have struggled to build. I love to work the vineyards during the year, select the best grapes, give importance to every little thing that the earth requires me.
This is why I produce a natural wine, pure, not built in the cellar, which enhances the particularity of each vintage and the different perfumes.
My Brunello must be first of all genuine, because I am the first to drink it, and it must be traditional, the mirror every year of the work that I have employed and the natural trend of the season.
The vineyards are located around the farm in one of the most evocative points of Montalcino, the Poggio D'arna, a hill rich in secular woods. They have an exposure to South/south-east at an average altitude of 400 meters above sea level, which allows an excellent maturation of the fruits and an extraordinary range of intense and deep scents. The plants are bred with spurred cordon, with an average density of 4300 plants per hectare, on soils of medium clayey dough with a very skeleton. The age of our vineyards ranges from 20 to 25 years.

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