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A short history The homestead dates back to the year 1366 

when the Princely Family von Liechtenstein ordered the construction of the ‘Wassererhof‘ (water mansion). The nearby wellspring promised fertility and wealth. 

In 1996 the father of the twins Andreas and Christoph Mock bought  the run-down homestead that was not in use any more and urgently needed renovation. The architect Syliva Hafner Polzhofer from Terlan planned the redevelopment and by working with passion and devotion. 
So the old ruins could be renovated within two years.

The masion called Wassererhof – In 2013 a new cellar was built and since then the homestead has become an amazing ensemble of buildings emitting a sense of gentleness supported by an expressive architecture. The residential house offers enough space for both of the brothers and the ‘Buschenschank ‘(a traditional seasonal farm inn). 

Christoph is the farmer, Andreas the cook. The two brothers cooperate, helping each other with solidarity and this is the guarantee of their success. 

Christoph Mock  

He graduated from the vocational highschool specializing in viticulture and orcharding and then he worked on his parents’ farm called ‘Mumelterhof’ in Leitach. He is the farmer and winemaker at the Wassererhof. He is ambitious and full of energy combined with a sense of beauty. His strength lies in his ability to implement his visions on the basis of the principle of sustainability. 

Our goal is to produce wine of quality and grace For generations we have broadened our knowledge in wine culture both in the vineyards and in the winery with the objective to press a wine of outstanding quality and taste. 

In our Buschenschank and in our farmshop we sell our assortment even as gift packages. 

Quality in design and features 

Genuine design and sincerity in the production represent the quality of all our wines and products. This image and message is widespread. 

The ‘W’ is of key importance and due to the continuous repetition it has become a well-established trade mark: ‘W’ like water, like wine of quality, like wonderful food, like well-being.

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