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Villa Fidelia Passito – Sportoletti


Vintage: 2018 – Size: 0.375 l – Alcohol content: 14.5% vol.

Villa Fidelia Passito, a sensory experience enveloped in the splendor of Umbrian nature.
Suggested pairings: Blue cheeses, dry pastries, nut and hazelnut cakes, foie gras
Serving Temperature: 10-12°C.

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Villa Fidelia Passito Sportoletti

Villa Fidelia Passito Sportoletti: The Passito of Dreams Crafted with Heart
Imagine wandering through the picturesque hills of Spello, immersing yourself in the enchanted landscape 400 meters above sea level. Here, amidst medium-textured, shallow soils, the vinous gem of the Sportoletti family is born: Villa Fidelia Passito, a sensory experience wrapped in the splendor of Umbrian nature.

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The Terroir of Enchantment
The roots of Grechetto vines, carefully selected with love and care, intertwine with a unique terrain, rich in calcareous skeleton from the grandeur of Monte Subasio. It is here, under the warm embrace of the Umbrian sun, that the Villa Fidelia Passito comes to life, capturing the essence of an extraordinary place.

A Story of Passion and Tradition
The vines, nurtured with the spur-pruned method, bear witness to respect for ancient traditions and dedication to perfection. With a density of 5,000 vines per hectare and an average age of 20 years, each cluster encapsulates the history of a family devoted to the production of fine wines.

The Magic of Harvest
Towards the end of August and the beginning of September, the magical moment of harvest arrives. The Grechetto grapes, in a state of perfect ripeness, are carefully selected with love, ready to give life to the precious Villa Fidelia Passito.

The Creation Process

The grapes, harvested with care and passion, are arranged in small crates and placed in a thermo-hygrometric-conditioned environment, where the drying process begins. The must, in contact with the skins for about 6 hours at controlled temperature, reveals all its complexity and depth.

Elevation in Barrique

After alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel, the wine rests for six months in second-passage barriques, acquiring unique nuances and harmonies. It is here that the magic is born: a Passito with enveloping notes and distinctive character.

A Journey of the Senses

Villa Fidelia Passito Sportoletti is a unique experience to be savored with all the senses. Perfect paired with blue cheeses, dry pastries, walnut and hazelnut cakes, and foie gras, each sip reveals the love and passion that permeate every drop of this extraordinary wine.

Discover the enchantment of Villa Fidelia Passito Sportoletti and let yourself be transported on an emotional journey through the breathtaking landscapes and enveloping flavors of Umbria. With each sip, savor the history, tradition, and authenticity of a family devoted to creating exceptional wines.

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Weight1,6 kg

Umbria Bianco IGT


Vino passito.


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