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Amaro Francescano – A. V. Francescana


Size: 0,70 l – Alcohol content: 28% vol.

On tasting, there are complex and harmonious aromatic notes, with a slight bitter aftertaste that blends with a pleasant sweetness. Its velvety texture and enveloping aroma make it a popular choice for lovers of traditional liqueurs.
Suggested pairings: This bitter lends itself to tasting on its own, served neat or on the rocks. It can also be enjoyed as an ingredient in cocktails and long drinks. Due to its intense flavor, it goes well with desserts and sweets
Serving Temperature: 12-14°C.

The vintages of the wines shown in detail and in the product sheet may be subject to variations. If you want a specific vintage, you can communicate it in the order notes field.
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Amaro Francescano

L’Amaro Francescano of Assisi
L’Amaro Francescano of Assisi is an herbal liqueur crafted from an original recipe that combines roots and medicinal plants. It is the result of an ancient tradition and a precious secret recipe, creating a perfect harmony of infused medicinal herbs that deliver an intense and harmonious aroma. As an excellent digestif, it offers a full-bodied and aromatic taste, making it ideal for a relaxing after-dinner experience.

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Weight1,6 kg

Bitter of Herbs



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