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Amaro al Tartufo Francescano – A. V. Francescana


Size: 0,70 l – Alcohol content: 28% vol.

The subtle scent of truffle bitters awakens forgotten sensations, transporting the palate on a journey through memories of woodland flavors. It is an olfactory experience that adds charm and mystery to every sip.
Suggested pairings: This liqueur is ideal to enjoy cold, after a meal to aid digestion, during moments of relaxation or as a sophisticated choice for guests. Its versatility makes it suitable for multiple tasting moments.
Serving temperature: 12-14°C.

The vintages of the wines shown in detail and in the product sheet may be subject to variations. If you want a specific vintage, you can communicate it in the order notes field.
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Francescano Truffle Amaro – Truffle Liqueur

Francescano Truffle Amaro is a truffle liqueur that originates from the lush and artistic region of Umbria, the heart of Italy. Its delicate aroma evokes long-forgotten sensations, enveloping the palate with the ancient flavors of the forest. Best served chilled, it is perfect as a post-meal indulgence, during moments of relaxation, or as an excellent digestive.

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Weight1,6 kg

28% vol


Amaro al Tartufo



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