• Balsamic Vinegar AB22 Silver Barrel

Balsamic Vinegar AB22 Silver Barrel


  • - Brand: Manicardi
  • - Product Code: Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP
  • - Reward Points: 30
  • - Availability: 6
Ex Tax: 27,18€

Selection The balsamic vinegar proposed from this couple of vinegar rooms is the result of a long aging in small casks made of different wood essences that make the product quite thick and harmonious with the passing of time. The high content of cooked must gives a sweet taste to the product that predominates over the acid component and allows it to be used in gastronomic recipes that usually do not go well with vinegar such as strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and sorbet.

Technical Specifications
product Balsamic vinegar
denomination Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
region Emilia Romagna
volume cl 25

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