• Bitter Herbs of the Fraticello

Bitter Herbs of the Fraticello


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  • - Product Code: Amaro d'Erbe del Fraticello
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Amaro d’Erbe del Fraticello

Is an aromatic aperitif or digestive bitter taste more or less marked. It is a liqueur flavored, enhanced by herbs and medicinal plant component. The two key steps for the preparation of bitter, are those of the infusion and distillation. The herbs and roots infused undergo a certain dosage and are mixed, then milled, pulverized, immersed in a water-alcohol solution and let soak for a long period of several months. The preparation is then decanted to buy and then clarity, combined with the liquid from the distillation is ready to make a path of common preparation.

Technical Specifications
product Digestive herbs
region Umbria
alcohol 21% vol.
volume cl 70

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