Birra dell' Eremo - Fuoco


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Fuoco is a Tripel beer with an intense gold color and delicate, white and long-lasting head.

This beer features a bread crust aroma.

Malt is the dominant flavor with soft and enveloping notes of caramel.

Fuoco is a highly drinkable beer, despite its alcohol content.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, brown sugar, yeast.

From the ancient history of Assisi, its glimpses of landscapes covered in nature and perfumes, from the techniques and recipes jealously treasured among monasteries’ thick walls, a beer collecting old-time flavours was born: Birra dell’Eremo.

Technical Specifications
product Top-fermented beer
denomination Tripel
region Umbria
alcohol 8,5% vol.
volume cl 50

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