Ametistas Grechetto Umbria IGP

Ametistas Grechetto Umbria IGPFarm Mani di Luna (100% Grechetto)50% of the grapes are harvested..

Buscaia Malvasia Umbria IGT
22,50€ 18,00€

BuscaiaMalvasiaThe wine:From white grapes Malvasia and Malvasia di Candia. white wine varietal from ..

Checcarello Sangiovese Umbria IGP

Checcarello Sangiovese Umbria IGPFarm Mani di Luna (85% Sangiovese 15% Barbera from vines 50 ye..

Il Baratto Trebbiano Umbria IGP

Trebbiano Il Baratto Umbria IGPFarm Hands of Luna(85% Trebbiano 15% Malvasia and Riesling)The grapes..

Il Burbero Sangiovese Umbria IGT
31,25€ 25,00€

Il BurberoSangiovese 80%, Ciliegiolo 10% Merlot and 10%The wine:Obtained from an occasional over-rip..

Il Galantuomo Barbera Umbria IGT
24,75€ 19,80€

Il GalantuomoBarberaThe wine:From a vineyard of 40 years, a lively and crisp wine that combines red ..

La Cupa Sangiovese IGP

The Cupa Umbria Sangiovese IGP(100% Sangiovese)Farm Mani di Luna The grapes are harvested in ea..

Le Cese 2014 Sangiovese Umbria IGT
24,40€ 19,50€

Le CeseSangioveseThe wine:A red that after the juvenile phase of the fragrance gains depth and thick..

Merlo Nero Merlot Umbria IGT
23,15€ 18,50€

Merlo NeroMerlotThe wine:A deep red and opulent, the aromas of blackberry and sweet spices that can ..

Pigro delle Sorbe Greco Umbria IGT Biological
22,50€ 18,00€

Lazy of sorbeGreek varieties bellThe wine:White wine with a sunny disposition and welcoming: the aro..

Terra dei Preti Trebbiano Spoletino IGT Biological
29,90€ 24,50€

Terra dei pretiTrebbiano SpoletoThe wine:A white vinified as a red with a long maceration. The golde..

Vigna Vecchia Trebbiano Spoletino IGT Biological
23,75€ 19,00€

Vigna vecchiaTrebbiano SpoletoThe wine:A white wine with a unique character, slow and mild in his yo..

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