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Sweet Red Wine Colle di Rocco


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Passito Rosso (Sweet Wine)

Umbria Rosso Passito I.G.T.

Description: Our Passito Rosso is a sweet red  wine produced with traditional Umbrian grapes such  as Ciliegiolo, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot and Sagrantino. After 2 months of drying on frames, it yields a sweet nectar with  balanced tannins , giving life to a harmonious wine  rich  of  red fruit aromas such as cherry, currant and blackberry, typical of the varieties used.

Variety: Ciliegiolo (40%), Montepulciano (20%), Sagrantino (20%), Merlot and Sangiovese  (20%)

Altitude: 320 meters asl

Exposure: North-East

Plant Density: 3.500/4.000 plants /Ha

Type of coltivation: cordone speronato

Grape Yeild: 40 q.li /Ha

Harvest: mid october

Method of harvesting: by hand

Grape drying: The grapes, placed on frames are dried for 2-3 months at a constant temperature (15°)

Wine Yeild: 25% (about 25 litres of sweet wine for 100 kg of grapes

Fermentation: in vats for 20 days at controlled temperature

Aging: in steal for 6-8 months

Percent alcohol: 15.5%

Zuccheri residui: 13-16%

Note: Vino non pastorizzato, né filtrato


Tasting: Deep red color,  in addition to the typical fragrance of dried grapes it also presents warm cherry, currant and blackberry aromas; the taste is aromatic and full, with balanced acidity and tannins and perfectly balanced by the residual sugar. The aftertaste is lingering with rich shades of red fruits.

Tasting Temperature: it can be drunk cold (10 °) or at room temperature (18-20 °)

Serving suggestions: Meditation wine, can accompany mature cheeses, pastries, panettone , ice cream, nougat and desserts. Remarkable pairing with the traditional sweets of Umbria. Perfect with any type of chocolate. 

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