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Scimella is the old name of the area where the grapes are grown, which had been used for growing grapes
since antiquity due to its favourable position. The harvest of the grapes earmarked for Scimella DOC
Montefalco Red takes place at the end of September or early October. For this wine, we harvest 60%
Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera and 15% native grapes. During this phase, it is
essential to choose healthy bunches, because good wine starts in the vineyard. Collected in 20 kilogram
crates, the grapes are brought to the wine-making facility and immediately pressed and left to ferment for
between 12 and 15 days in a steel barrel at a controlled temperature that never exceeds 25°. After
fermentation, the lees are drawn off and the grapes are pressed to separate the liquid from the skins. Then
the wine is transferred to a steel barrel for an initial decantation and after successive rackings, at the
beginning of spring it is transferred to a large French oak barrel, where it remains until March of the following
year. Put back in a steel barrel, in the month of May, after eighteen months, it is ready to obtain its suitability
for becoming a DOC Montefalco Red and be bottled. Once bottled, Scimella ages for another six months prior
to sale.
Intense ruby red in colour, it has a complex fragrance, with floral, red fruit and spice notes. It pairs well with
structured first courses and flavourful red and white meats. Serve between 18° and 20° C
60% Sangiovese; 15% fine native grapes and 25% Merlot,
Cabernet sauvignon and Barbera
the vineyard enjoys southern exposure and stands at an
altitude of 362 metres above sea level on clayey, marly soil
Grape yield 90 quintals per hectare
Wine yield 65 – 70%
Harvest manual, in the first week of October
the alcoholic fermentation takes place through macerating
the skins in steel vats for between 12 and 13 days at a
temperature of 25°
18 months: 3 months in a steel barrel, 12 months in a large
French oak barrel, then in bottles
Colour intense ruby red
intense and complex, with floral, red fruit and spice notes
Taste warm, soft, full-bodied and persistent
structured first courses, red and white meats, salamis and
aged cheeses
Serving temperature

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