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Flaminio Oil D.O.P. UMBRIA - Colli Assisi-Spoleto TRACCIATO (RETRACEABLE)
Obtained by cold extraction, only from olives from Moraiolo in the municipality of Trevi (PG) with the UNAPROL UNI EN ISO 22005:08 Retraceability system, the oil is unmistakeable due to its intense, fruity and decisive fresh olive flavour, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste and a note of spice.
For this selection our Master Tasters operate a rigorous and strict choice for each individual milling, identifying the products with fuller and more intense taste to be designated “D.O.P UMBRIA Colli Assisi-Spoleto”, thereby marking out one of the Region’s best traditional products.
The entire production process for the oil is checked and certified. Using an ID number placed on each bottle and the UNAPROL UNI EN ISO 22005:08 coding system it is possible to provide, by SMS, complete information concerning the production chain; from the place of production, transformation and packing, varieties of olives cultivated and chemical analysis, all guaranteed by the Certification Body CSQA.

A crudo su tutti i piatti dai sapori pronunciati e anche su bruschette, insalate, carni rosse, grigliate di carne e verdura, bollito e zuppe di legumi.

Mid October.

Cold extraction within 12 hours of harvesting.

Emerald green with golden highlights.
Intense flavour of fresh olive, the aftertaste is slightly peppery and spicy.
Bottles of 750 ml 500 ml and 250 ml.

Excellent on rich, tasty dishes, and also on bruschette, salads, red meat, grilled meat and vegetables, soups and boiled vegetables

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