• Grani di Rosa rosé sparkling wine

Grani di Rosa rosé sparkling wine


  • - Brand: Merotto
  • - Product Code: Spumante Rosè Brut
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Area of production: Vines cultivated in the Piave area.

Gapes: 100% Pinot Nero.

Short maceration of the skin, wine making in “white”, soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature. Sparkling process and natural fermentation take place in autoclave for about 60 days at 13 - 14°C.

Alcohol content: 11,5%

Sugar residue: 8 g/l

Colour: Bright pink. Bright fizziness and soft texture. Persistent and light perlage.
Perfume: Vibrant and approachable. Soft, elegant red berries and a fresh hint of the forest floor.
Taste: Persuasive and of good character, savoury with a taste of raspberry, blackberry and wild strawberry.
Aftertaste: Fresh, dry and persistent of fruit.

Food affinities: A pleasing aperitif it goes well with fish and with white meat dishes.

Serving temperature: 6 - 8°C

Information About Merotto
The relationship between Merotto's family and wine is centuries-old. In the early 1900's Agostino Merotto was well-known for his Prosecco, but it is from the second half of the 1900's that the Merotto's family will experience new and interesting developments. It is then that Graziano Merotto takes the directorship of the firm. The new director with his radical and innovative approach experiments the first "spumantizzazione" of the Prosecco wine. This is an in-bottle fermentation or sur lie. In the 1980's the winery begins to produce sparkling wine, the so called "Charmat" method and since then all the processes of wine-making are made there: the crushing of the grapes, the controlled fermentation of the musts, the process of acquiring its sparkling and finally the exclusive labelling and packaging operations.

Technical Specifications
product Sparkling rosé
region Veneto
grapes Pinot Nero 100%
alcohol 11,5% vol.
Food Type A pleasing aperitif it goes well with fish and with white meat dishes.
volume cl 75

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