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Abbazia Santa Anastasia produces wines from indigenous and international vineyards, according to the organic production method and recently converted to biodynamic. The production philosophy is based on respect for tradition, but also the ecosystem, using modern winemaking equipment and energy that comes from alternative sources. The wines are pure expression of the terroir .....
that gives rise to them.

Founded by Count Roger of Hauteville in the twelfth century, it was first entrusted to the Theatine monks and later to the Benedictines. The latter started the production of wine, which soon became the most requested on the tables of nobles and clergy in Sicily. For a long time, the abbey was the cultural and economic centre of the area, thanks to the interest in wine. After the Benedictines left the abbey, the complex underwent a slow and unrelenting decline until becoming a ruin. A series of works requiring great skill and aiming at excellence made it possible to recover the abandoned lands, restoring them to their original lushness thanks also to the extraordinary characteristics of the microclimate. The results achieved were also made possible by the contribution of two outstanding figures like Giacomo Tachis and Riccardo Cotarella .

At the abbey the land is cultivated according to strict principles that aim at ensuring respect for the ecosystem: biodynamic farming, modern technologies and the teachings of Giacomo Tachis and Riccardo Cotarella go hand in hand to ensure the growth of the vines and olive trees without the aid of chemicals and especially to obtain fruit that embodies the excellence of the terroir.

The cellar is a blend of modernity and tradition: barriques and large French oak barrels for ageing the wines, as well as vitrified cement and steel vats for processing and maturing the grapes during the transformation process. The premises have controlled temperature and are well insulated thanks to the use of special building materials: wood wool and magnesite. Cutting-edge instruments and machinery are combined with traditional methods to exalt nature, without ever altering the essence: telling about the land and exalting its values naturally.

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