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The Cellar is located in the Municipality of Montalcino, about 35 km from Siena, right in front of the hillock of the small Sienese village, surrounded by meadows, olive trees and the beautiful vineyards of Val di Cava. Along the extraordinary route of the Eroica. For over 40 years it has been the only winegrowing cooperative in the area .....
and counts about 100 small farms with 160 hectares.

Green oasis and gentle slopes, the undulating sea of ​​the Crete Senesi. Montalcino, an ancient and fascinating Sienese village of Etruscan origin, is placed on top of a hill of about 600 m asl between holm oak woods. Its verdant territory, bordered by Mount Amiata and the valleys of Orcia, Asso, and Ombrone, is almost circular in shape so as to be able to ideally identify 4 slopes, with different pedoclimatic characteristics (terrain, orientation, microclimate).

The vineyards occupy a small part of the territory, particularly suitable for the cultivation of Sangiovese, an ancient vine, of Etruscan origins, difficult to keep at bay, which must be made to suffer more than other grapes. The grapes with which we produce the famous Brunello, come from vineyards selected in each of the 4 sides, whose rearing form par excellence is the spurred cordon.

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