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The Winery owns 55 hectares (136 acres) of land, of which 30 hectares (74 acres) under vines: Sagrantino, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and Grechetto. Being the Tiberino Lake basin, the soil has lacustrine origin: this makes it particularly suitable for growing grapes, especially .....
Sagrantino. The company mission is to offer high quality products respecting both the authentic Umbrian tradition and the environment. Thanks to technology and georeferentiation and the study of meteorologic variation, we are able to avoid the abuse of chemicals: the product we obtain is natural, beyond any certification. Each season we undertake three or four mechanical process to the soil to keep the vineyard clean and, around the vine we finish cleaning with the hand-hoe. Grapes are manually harvested in small baskets containing max. 30 kilos: this to avoid crushing them, which could lead to pre-fermentation. The winery has been entirely projected by us: we identified technological solutions which allow us not to use chemicals. After harvesting, we manually select the grapes on two vibrating tables. The purpose of hand selecting each bunch and then each raisin is to remove any impurity and to keep dangerous molds away from the fermentation vats, otherwise we should use sulphites to kill them. We can control fermentation temperature thanks to hot and cold bands on the fermentation vats: with crio-maceration we extract the best colors and aromas. With micro-oxygenation we carry out the remontages in a closed-loop system: this also to avoid the use of sulphites to correct any wine imperfection. The winery is equipped with a plant for isolation of electromagnetic fields, that prevent an early and dangerous ageing of the wine. The barrel room has a re-circulation of exhausted air system: every 24h we introduce clean air coming from the roof to avoid the incubation of bacteria. Wine is first aged in Slavonian oak barrels made Italy, and after in French and American barriques.

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