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For three generations the Mattioli family has been involved in agriculture and in particular wine has always played an important job by virtue of
its original food function.
The vineyards
The choice of varieties was dictated by historical tradition, a sort of photograph of what was planted before the Second World War. Local vines such as Trebbiano Spoletino (60-year-old vineyard) and Sangiovese (which covers most of the vine) there are varieties that can be defined as traditional depending on the age of the plants that goes beyond 40 years and are Barbera, Merlot and Greek. Respect for the cycles of nature and the total absence of herbicides, pesticides and weeding, frame the company in the sphere of natural wine since very difficult times.
In the cellar spontaneous fermentations are carried out at free temperatures and no sulfur is added for bottling. The containers are made of cement glass, resin glass and steel ... large wood is still being tested. We only carry out decantations in the lunar cycle and rely on the rigors of winter to make the wines clear.

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