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“I founded Decugnano dei Barbi in 1973 with the only aim to produce high quality, terroir-driven wines.” -Claudio Barbi

We believe in respect of nature and territory, attention to detail and constant experimentation. Above all we strive to produce elegant wines, extremely smooth and with a strong identity, appreciated by refined .....
customers all over the world. At Decugnano wine has been made since 1212. The Barbi family continues this tradition. The meaning of Decugnano’s name is unknown, lost over time. The first written testimony dates back to 1212, when wine was made at Decugnano for the clergy in Orvieto. These were the lands of Saint Mary of Decugnano. In 1973 Claudio Barbi discovered Decugnano and it was love at first sight. The first wines were produced in 1978 and the success was immediate. Geological eras, time, and the hands of mankind have all contributed to a unique terroir. The soil is an ocean floor from the Pliocene period. The vine roots are exploring into the sandy clay-soil, among fossils of sea shells and oysters, enriching our wines with minerals and marine flavors. The altitude over 300 meters (1,000 feet), favors ideal ventilation and a diurnal temperature variation emphasises aromas. The optimal exposure guarantees the perfect maturity of the grapes. Sustainability. We do not utilize insecticides, anti-botrytis, chemical fertilizer and weed killer. We adopt integrated production reducing our treatments to a minimum, through our constant attention to the climate and the health of our vines.

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