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Fulvia Tombolini has chosen to follow the tradition and inspiration of her family, striving to produce quality wines while protecting the territory.

A perfect balance between the passion and will of the present generation and the commitment to preserve the environment for the .....
future ones.

Our land is nestled between lush velvety hills covered by vineyards, between stretches of pure blue sea and a dense network of medieval villages.

A place rich in art and culture: an endless treasures trove of wonderful and uncontaminated Italian landscapes. The local tradition of viticulture dates back to the Etruscans and Piceni but essential was the role of the Dori, who came from Greece to settle in Le Marche around the fourth century BC.

The beauty of Le Marche lives in harmony with the peculiar and entrepreneurial spirit of its people: the respect for the nature and a solid and long standing agricultural tradition.

With the same spirit and since 1921 this fertile land has been preserved by the Tombolini family and their passion for winemaking has been passed throughout the generations.

Here the land has been cultivated as a garden, blending vineyards, olive groves and brooms to form extraordinary and unique Italian landscapes.

And it is from this generous land that Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Rosso Conero and many other prestigious wines are produced.

The Infinito DiVino!

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