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“ They say that ageing is hell for women; but for our wine it is heaven. ” 

Making wine is a sign of civilisation and it strengthens the link between man and his land, his origins and tradition. By embracing this production philosophy, we manage our vineyards .....
using natural methods, natural fertilisers like manure and humus, and keeping grass growth down mechanically. 

Here, among our hills, on a strip of green land that separates the world that races from that which takes life at a slower pace, the roots develop naturally thanks to man’s efforts; here, that spirituality trodden down constantly by modern civilisation still seems, despite everything, to be intact. 

In our family’s production philosophy, the phases of the grape harvest respect the law and timing of nature, and this simplicity is reflected in the balance of our wines. 

A range of different grape varieties from various parts of Europe co-exist in Friuli, thanks to the invasions endured by this area throughout history. 

Today, Friuli is internationally acclaimed for its great white wines, but the Zamò family has always invested considerably in red wines too, to continue the work begun with Ronco dei Roseti, and to convey value to autochthonous grape varieties like Pignolo and Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, which are characterised by authentic personality and complexity in terms of homologation and were given little consideration in the early Eighties. 

Of the 65 hectares of vineyards owned and rented, a good 40% are occupied by red grape varieties, a percentage which is definitely above the regional average. 

Obviously this does not lead to the neglect of white wines, which provide an essential base. 

The Zamò Vigne is located in the northeast of Italy in the province of Udine, Manzano, in the popular resort of Rosazzo The great advantage of the estate lies in the possibility to draw on three different terroirs: Rosazzo, Buttrio and Rocca Bernarda.

Rosazzo is perhaps one of the most beautiful hills in Friuli and from the top, on a clear day, you can admire the mountains and the Adriatic Sea, which is quite close as the crow flies. Here the beauty of the countryside comes together with a particular microclimate. The combination of daily temperature ranges, the magnificent exposure of all the vineyards and the soil – an Eocene marl poor in organic nutrients but rich in mineral elements – makes the area perfect for the cultivation of vines.

It is in the 25 hectares of land owned on Rosazzo that the majority of red grapes that give broad, powerful and energetic wines are grown. Among the white grapes, on the other hand, we have Friulano, which draws the characteristic originality that distinguishes it from the colour of these hills.

The little town of Buttrio is home to one of the oldest Italian wine fairs and the fame of the vineyards on its hill dates back to before memory. Thanks to the exposure, the soil and the age of the vineyards planted (the oldest on the estate), the Friulano grape and red varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco dal peduncolo rosso achieve their finest expression in these five hectares of land.

The vineyards situated in the 15 hectares of land owned at Rocca Bernarda (some of which are very old), are about 140 metres above sea level; exposed east, southeast and southwest, they benefit from the partial influence of the sea, but, above all, from the daily temperature ranges, which are more accentuated here due to its position in relation to the canal of the Bora, a wind which is cool in summer and blows from northeast.

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