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Madrevite was founded in 2001 by restructuring the family Farm, owned by Chiucchiurlotto family for three generations.

Madrevite is located in the old “Podere Mastronuccio”, indicated in a document of 1651 as agricultural farm.
The Company covers about twenty hectares, the vines are supported by six hectars on the hilly position, located south south-west, in clay soils and sunny.

“Madrevite” name indicated an old instrument used by the ancient Umbrian wine growers to fix the little door of the wooden barrels. The item has been restored and maintained by the company, now is the link with the past, respect for tradition and the environment, the values ​​that guide nut in its daily activity.

The family Chiucchiurlotto producing wine for three generations on the farm property, the oldest vineyards are located in the highest part of the hill: Sangiovese, Merlot and Gamay del Trasimeno. The production was for family consumption and trade, always through family channels, in “damigiana” (a 54lt contenitor).

The Cellar is located overlooking the vineyards with a fermentation room completely renovated, composed of steel tanks with temperature control system. In the two halls of aging there are the small French oak barrels, the historical barrels of cement and the large wood, where the wines age for months before being ready for tasting.

Madrevite has a shop where sells directly his products: Wine, Extra Vergin Olive Oil, Fagiolina del Trasimeno (Presidio Slow Food).

Madrevite is in Vaiano, a village in the municipalities of Castiglione del Lago, on the border line between Umbria and Tuscany. Cellar and vineyards are located in a lovely panoramic location halfway between the Trasimeno Valley and Valdichiana, in a hilly position (360 meters a.s.l.)

Vaiano (371 meters high) and the nearby Cimbano (369 meters) are important rural settlements that preserve, intact, archaeological remains of Etruscan and Roman periods.

Documents show that from time immemorial in these areas is growing vines. Later will be the Lombards to establish a farm (the ‘curtis’) in this that has always been considered an area particularly rich in agricultural products and fish.

Looking from this small part of Umbria you can see three distinct bodies of water, two small and one very large. In fact, before the action of reclamation of man, the geological origin of the three lakes was common.

The region where you are currently located Madrevite once called Podere ‘Mastronucci’ or ‘Mastronuccio’, a name already mentioned in a document dating back to 1651.

In the particular microclimate of the Trasimeno lake, Madrevite, owned by the Chiucchiurlotto family for three generations, covers twenty hectars, gathered in one body, within the DOC Colli del Trasimeno. The vines are supported by ten hectars on the ridge, in a clay soil that gives special characteristics to the grapes and draws a terroir wine with strong attitudes. Vineyards located in the South and South West, with planting density of up to 5000 plants per hectare, evenly irradiated by sunlight, cultivated with the utmost respect for nature and with very low yields.

“You see things that exist, and you wonder why, but I dream things that never existed and I wonder why not!” … This is the philosophy that inspired Madrevite in his project. A complex and ambitious project, started in 2001 with the decision to renew the company and to focus on quality. The historic family vineyards have been joined by new plants and today Madrevite has: Sangiovese, Syrah, Montepulciano and Trebbiano Spoletino. In addition to Gamay del Trasimeno, of course, a traditional variety of this land, like Grenache and Cannonau, dwelling around the lake for hundreds of years.


The Cellar, fully renovated in 2003, retains large wooden barrels flanked by new French and American oak barrels with steel tanks with temperature control.

Here the hand of man is engaged in a work meticulous, time to conservation and the exaltation of what nature offers. A daily challenge and an unbreakable passion for the job: these are the only secrets that allow to Madrevite, year after year, to produce wines with a personal and complex with strong local characteristics.

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