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A life dedicated to the family, to work and to the passion for truffles, with which he was able to build, step by step, the company that is today the world leader in the sector. In honor
of the Knight Paolo Urbani, his daughter Olga made a book to commemorate an unforgettable man, a successful entrepreneur and a great teacher of life, not only for his family but for the many who had the privilege of knowing him

The Urbani truffle is not only the protagonist of a business activity, but of a real cultural commitment. Today as in the past, we put an infinite care in every stage of processing and distribution, to obtain that absolute quality that is combined with the most sophisticated needs in terms of taste and image. For this reason, driven by the same ancient affection, the company presents its truffle-based products catalog with the aim of bringing more and more people closer to the world of good taste and refinement.

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