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Prunello Prunus – Corrado Tonelli


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This slight astringency makes it particularly suitable for pairing with chocolate-based desserts.

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Prunello Prunus

The production of “PRUNELLO”starts in the month of October, when the berries of the PRUGNOLO SELVATICO (wild sloe) ripen.

In popular speech is a Iso known as pruno selvatico, strangolacane or susino di macchia.

The fruit of this wild shrub, whose white flowering in the month of

Aprii decors the landscape and the wayside of the country of Marche, are presented like blue-purple berries, always known for their surprising therapeutic virtues.

The sloes are laboriously hand-harvested, brought to the celiar and worked with local red wine (Montepulciano and Sangiovese) produced in the previous year.

After a long infusion and months of ripening, following the ancient recipe of Pergola, the “PRUNELLO” is now born, with his drained red color and his fruity bouquet it tends to get better with the aging by taking more complex and balsamic notes.

The “PRUNELLO”, with his fruity taste and his dry finish, is characterized by a light tanning taste and a balanced sweetness, and for this is suitable to be matched with chocolate desserts.

“PRUNELLO” is also an excellent meditation’s nectar.

lt has an alcoholic graduation of 14 degrees and it’s more appreciable if it’s served at a 12-14° C temperature.

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Weight1,6 kg

14% vol.


Dessert wine


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